Transmission Rebuild and upgrade


There are certainly cases when a transmission service will not be adequate to rectify the condition of your transmission. If you are experiencing problems with your vehicle’s transmission it is vital to have it diagnosed by a qualified specialist, as early detection may save you on the cost of the repair.

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle there are various diagnostic testing procedures our specialists will carry out to give you detailed information regarding the health of your vehicle’s transmission. Once we have this information we can recommend you a suitable repair option.

In the worse case scenario where a transmission rebuild is required we can offer you a 3 year / 60,000 km warranty, covering parts and labour. (Conditions apply)

If diagnosis finds that your vehicles transmission requires a recondition/rebuild you will be informed of our findings and you will be quoted a price. Once you have accepted our quote your work will commence.

Your vehicle’s transmission’s oil will be drained and inspected and your transmission will be removed from the vehicle it will then be placed inside our transmission room where it will be fully stripped down and hard parts will be washed up. Your torque converter will be sent away for reconditioning and we will install new genuine, upgraded parts from your transmission’s manufacturer. Once your transmission has been reassembled it will be refitted to your vehicle and filled with high quality vehicle specific transmission fluid.  Any fault codes will be removed from your transmission’s computer (if applicable) and your vehicle will then be road tested and rechecked for oil leaks. Any further adjustments may be performed at this time. Once our technicians are happy with your vehicle you will be informed that it is ready for collection.


We also welcome transmission repairs/rebuilds on transmission that have been removed from the vehicle. Please discuss this option further with our specialists.


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