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APS Automatic Transmissions Richmond service all domestic and light commercial Automatics. In our experience clients should book their vehicles in with APS Automatic Transmissions for a transmission service every 12 months or 20,000kms. Research shows that poorly maintained transmissions contribute to 80% of transmission failures.

Servicing your vehicle’s transmission regularly will enable you to keep an eye on your transmission’s health and perhaps avoid a break down situation.

At the time of servicing, depending on your transmission type, we will drain the transmission oil, checking the condition of your oil. We will replace your transmission pan gasket and transmission filter. We will perform any adjustments (applicable to your transmission type) and we will refill your transmission with quality transmission oil.

If our specialists have any concerns regarding the health of your vehicle’s transmission at the time of service, we will contact you to get your direction regarding repairs. Minor oil leaks can be attended to at the time of servicing. More involved repairs may require rebooking or further time allowed to complete. We will work closely with you regarding a suitable plan.


Indicators that your transmission may need repair or servicing is:

* Failsafe mode is engaged

This is a feature of newer models, where the car will lock into third gear. This is designed so you may drive the vehicle to get home or to a repair shop. It is a strong indicator that your transmission is in urgent need of attention.

* Rough or slow gear changes

The gear is engaged, the car is revving but the car lurches up or down the gears or seems to take a long time to change into a gear


* Engine is revving but the car isn’t moving anywhere

The gears don’t seem to be engaging so the engine is revving but going nowhere


* Oil Leaks

When oil leaks, it can cause the clutch to slip, which may result in the transmission over heating


* Loss of either forward or reverse gears

Your vehicle may only move in one direction.

Due to the many different types of transmissions out there and the ever increasing electrical side of transmissions it is important to have your vehicle checked if you are at all concerned with your transmissions behaviour.


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